Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learn to Play Disc Golf with Frank Gualtieri

This video-enhanced eBook is designed to be read in the iBooks 2 application on the iPad.   For readers new to iBooks, we’ve posted a quick tutorial to help you get started (see link at right).

Disc golf is a fun sport that has experienced a surge in popularity in the past decade.

The basic equipment is not expensive and most disc golf courses are free to play. There are currently over 3500 disc golf courses in the United States.

Video lessons by experienced PDGA player and high school coach Frank Gualtieri can help you get started by understanding the basics.

Didn't quite catch something? Each chapter's text is the identical material that's in the video, with lots of pictures from the video, so you can review previous chapters or simply learn at your own speed.

What's covered:
•Chapter 1. Introduction to Disc Golf
•Chapter 2. The Basics - Object of the Game and Terminology
•Chapter 3. History and Current Popularity of the Game
•Chapter 4. My Involvement with the Sport
•Chapter 5. Equipment (overview, more about discs, more about disc golf bag features)
•Chapter 6. Basic Rules (play progression, using the mini disc, scoring, penalties)
•Chapter 7. Basic Footwork for Right or Left-handed Players
•Chapter 8. The Drive - 4 Variations
•Chapter 9. The Putt - 3 Variations and Stance
•Chapter 10. Competing in the PDGA
•Chapter 11. Recommended Online Resources

Our goal is to give you knowledge and confidence to start playing disc golf.